Vintage French ribbon 1920s velvet cotton w silk 1 7/8 inch marine blue



Beautiful Vintage ribbon fashioned of silk and cotton.  This beautiful vintage ribbon was made in the old ribbon making village of Etienne, France.  It is said that the French used up to a dozen dyes to get a single color, and looking at this ribbon I do know it must be true.  It is the most amazing color of blue... called marine blue on the faded paper label.  A midnight blue with a greenish cast... just lovely.  

This ribbon is in 3 pieces and is the LAST of any marine blue true antique ribbon that I have.  Pieces measure as follows.  

Piece 1  is 4 yards

Piece 2 is 3 yards 22"

Piece 3 is 1 yard.  

If you are ordering yardage please note that it will not be continuous.  This is not a remnant but came off the original roll in this manner. 

The ribbon is old store stock, still on the original roll in most excellent condition.

Fabrication is silk and cotton.

Size: Price is per yard; Width is 1-7/8 inches.